Friday, December 9, 2016

In order to compete in 3 gun competitions, you have to have 3 guns...

I've been looking for a shotgun to round out my 3 gun competition arsenal. Well, they dont come cheap...especially if you're on a budget. but after a lot of research I found THE gun to have.

Now that I'm up and moving around easily, I finally got some time to look over/enjoy my new O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. 930 JM Pro series shotgun. If you're not a shotgunner you don't know who Jerry Miculek is (the namesake of the JM Pro series)...but when he has input to a gun, with his nearly 100 National and World titles and his years of experience, you know the platform will be top notch. His input resulted in: an oversized charging handle/bolt release/safety (so you'll never miss with bare or glove hands), a beveled loading gate for faster reloading, corrosion resistant finishes on the gun for smooth shooting and easy cleaning, adjustable trigger stop, vented rib, 3 adjustable chokes, fiber optic front site, which get a competition quality (clay or 3 gun) semi-auto shotgun right out of the box at literally half the price of other "competition" shotguns. I can't wait to get back on my feet in earnest so I can put this gun through it's paces on the range and in the woods.

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