Thursday, September 8, 2016

If you're gonna start...start right

I'm a firm believer in bang for your buck and not just how that it applies to this pursuit. I first came into contact with the SigSauer line of guns during my time in the Ranger Regiment dealing with all sorts of special operators who absolutely loved the Sig guns and especially the P226. Why? Because it's the Cadillac of pistols with amazing craftsmanship and bombproof details. Well, my small hands have always had an issue with the P226 chassis. 

So, when it came time for me to find the gun that I'd use for personal protection as well as everyday carry and personal defense it had to be the P229. Same style and layout as the P226 but just gives me a better fit/feel for the weapon which results in a more stable platform for engagements, magazine changes and on the move shooting. No safety but the P229 has a 10lb single action draw that drops to 3lbs in double action. That means I can carry with the hammer down with little to no worry of an accidental discharge from the trigger catching on anything. Now to get back shooting, working on rebuilding muscle memory and hopefully competing again soon. 

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