Friday, February 10, 2017

How can you not see John Wick 2 and be inspired?!

Friday night...go see John Wick Chapter 2, be astounded, get excited and motivated as all hell (no for real, that movie was AWESOME!!!) and then head to the range.

I burned through 200 rounds of 9mm a lot faster than I ever have. Haha! Focusing more on defensive shooting I spent the range time shooting off the hip with my SigSauer P229 and from appendix carry SigSauer P938 (with 5 round magazines and mag changes to stay sharp) at 15, 25 and 30 ft. The goal being to get solidly on center mass to engage shoot with the first and then follow up rounds, then do the same with quick mag changes. By the end of the session I was consistently on target. Not too bad at. I may have to watch John Wick movies before every trip to the range.

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