Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Well, that's one competition under my belt

I was a little anxious to say the least. A friend invited me to an indoor pistol-steel shoot. Its been forever since I've shot in a competition and I've never shot steel indoors. Don't let the picture fool ya, it was a lot harder than it looks!

The shoot was 5 steel circles with 3 steel "poppers'. You not only shoot against the timer but also head to head with another shooter. Just shooting against the clock at 40ft targets can be a little nerve racking but having to do it against another person in order to advance ...ya, that was a whole new ballgame...ESPECIALLY when you can hear them "dinging" targets faster than you. No to mention there were some serious pistoleers shooting with modded or competition quality guns and I was shooting my stick SigSauer P229 Nitron. I forced myself to have no preconceived notions of doing well, instead I focused on the experience to learn how the shoot works and understand the mechanics of it all. Needless to say, after five rounds I learned ALOT! One round I put a total of ten rounds (shooting left to right all five targets and then going back again to trying to knock them down) without a single "hit" only to be told by the referee that all my shots were perfect center...just low off the plate. Ooph. Well, I had a grteat time, learned a lot and by the end of the evening was able to knock down 5 target with 5 rounds...just not as fast as the guy beside me. I'm looking forward to doing this again next month!

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