Thursday, February 16, 2017

Star Wars and John Wick collide!

I never understood why in a galaxy far, far away...those damn storm troopers couldn't hit anything! Not the case if I was one.

Got a chance to shoot the new SigSauer P320 in 9mm tonight. I know it's that talk of the town being selected as the Army's new gun...but I just don't dig it. I'll take my P229 ANY day. Speaking of, my 229 performed perfectly with off the hip draw-5 rounds shots at 5 spot targets with magazine changes at 40 feet. I'm working on getting faster with accuracy so I do better at my next indoor steel competition. Then it was onto 2 round engagements (heart/head) with magazine changes at 15 and then 25 feet. A lil John Wick-like shooting drills to change things up a bit tonight. Finally started to click and was getting a consistent 1-2 to speak.

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