Monday, February 13, 2017

Just because its snowing doenst mean you can't shoot

Most every thing was closed today because of the snow/snow cleanup to include my gun range...but the archery range wasn't...and then this happens. Say hello to my new Obsession Bows M7.

Granted I've only been back to archery for a few months and the Mission Craze I was shooting was nice but,!!! Just a few minutes to dial it in, then shooting x's draw after draw. Probably shot around 60 arrows after it was all set up and the difference is like night and day. THIS is a bow that I can compete with in/outdoors and then take in the woods for hunting. Not to mention, that color scheme is spot on! I mean who doesn't love red and black?! Thanks to Archeryplus Shooter for squaring me away!

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